Welcome to RGV Yard Cards L.L.C. where we go BIG & say it LOUD!!  We are a full service locally owned company that is here to make your special day or event unforgettable!!

Call us at:     (956) 802-3916 for information or book here online.

   We will be out 

March 1st – March 5th, see you back on Monday, March 6th.

Who are we & what do we do?

Who we are:    We are a family & locally owned business. We are are not a franchise nor affiliated with any other company, this helps keep our prices down & gives us more freedom in our operations.

What exactly do we do???  We bring a special WOW factor to any occasion by adding in a Yard Card.  You will designate day, phrase, color options, & graphic add on signs  you would like delivered. The easiest way is to order online or book through Facebook.  Next we will arrive on the designated day to set up your greeting for your special someone.  If it’s a birthday surprise, many customers choose to have the card installed the night before so the person with the birthday can wake up with the card in their yard to give them a wonderful surprise first thing in the morning.  The Yard Card will stay in place approx. 24 hrs when we will return to remove the Yard Card.  Arrangements can be made for additional days (see pricing tab). We will also leave a door hanger on the front door to let the guest of honor know who sent the Yard Card.  We do NOT sell signs, we are a service oriented company.

What are Yard Cards perfect for?

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, proposal/promposal, new babies, school events, football parties, or any other important occasion takes on a special meaning when you go BIG and say it LOUD with a Yard Card by RGV Yard Cards L.L.C..

Go Big and say it LOUD!!

Go Big and say it LOUD!!