Color Options/accessory signs

Happy Birthday color options:

Red, Blue, Aqua, Pink, Hawaiian Pattern, Green with Aqua border, and Yellow.







Other letter color options for all letters other than “Happy Birthday”:

Other alphabet colors:

Black, Red, Aqua, Silver, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Marroon , Lime Green, and Teal

Add on design options:

stars, balloons, hearts, car keys, diamond ring, champagne glasses, beer mugs,  game controller, gymnast, ballet shoes, birthday cake, cupcake, flower (pink or purple), apple with a pencil, gig em hand sign, a&m, UT hand sign, Dallas cowboys helmet & footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, emojis, boy/girl baby rattle, zebra print “diva”, road sign “danger falling body parts”, road sign “reading glasses required”, & graduation cap (black or red). Here are some samples: