1. Please contact RGV Yard Cards L.L.C. if a different set up time is needed other than after 7 p.m. to see if we can comply.
  2. The signs will not safely support the weight of someone leaning on, standing on, stepping on, or playing with the signs, so please ensure this does not happen. Also, please do not remove the yard card. If it needs to be removed prior to the 24  hrs, please contact us & we will come remove it.  Customer will be billed for any missing or damaged signs.
  3. Please ensure that any lawn care is done prior to the day the yard card is to arrive.  Lawnmowers, weed eaters, & any other lawn equipment can cause damage to the signs.  Also, please don’t have sprinklers come on prior to pick up, if possible, to avoid signs being wet during storing process.
  4. Please do not attach balloons or string streamers to the signs as damage may possibly occur.
  5. If there is a gate, make sure to give the gate code at time of booking.  No refunds if unable to gain entry into the property.
  6. Please ensure if there is an HOA, yard signs are in complaince of HOA regulations.  No refunds if removal is required because of HOA violations.
  7. If extreme weather is present such as lightening, hail, flooding, etc that would endanger the safety of anyone, we reserve the right to cancel & reschedule when can safely be done.
  8. It is recommended that if you have a dog that might wake during installation of the yard card, arrangements be made to avoid that barking might wake the honoree, cause alarm, &/or ruin the surprise.
  9. Please notify any neighbors of our pending arrival that you feel might be alarmed if someone is seen in your yard after dark.
  10. If cancellation is required, please give 48 hrs notice for a partial refund.  Otherwise, only 1/2 refund will be given.
  11. RGV Yard Cards L.L.C. and all representatives are not responsible or liable for any injury or damage that may be caused to any person or personal property during the set up, removal, or during display of greeting.
  12. Please do not duplicate, replicate, or copy any of our yard cards without written permission from RGV Yard Cards L.L.C.